Here are some of the wonderful people who have graced our company with their presence during the past 13 years. Each and every one of them brought to us something unique and helped us become the successful company we are today! For that we thank them all from the bottom of our hearts and wish them all the best wherever life may take them! (Special thanks to Maja Petricevic – our first employee from 1993 – 1995 whose picture we don’t have! If you read this Maja – send us one!)

Zoran "Jake" Jakosovic
Reservations Manager

2005: Heya, Jake the Snake! In 1989 Samo hired him as his Sales Manager while working for a competing company. Then Samo left and so did Jake but only until their paths crossed again in 2000 and here he is 5 years later our main Air and Reservations Manager and another member of our family whom we call a friend! A fiend at air connections, he really excels at cooking! We love his Humus and Mediterranean salads but most of all we love his mustached smiling face, his easy going demeanor, his loyalty, hard work and friendship! (he just wishes that Diana would feel as deeply as we do see 10

2000: Jake the Snake as he is popularly know, this ?old? geezard is a war buddy of Samo's from the old days in the travel trenches! Joined our flock in 2000 he is an all around "Jake of all trades"! Having lived around the world, he speaks English, Italian, Serbian and a little bit of French so watch out ladies cause he is also single and looking! Proficient in all three airline systems there is literally nothing he cannot do including mixing up a superb humus Mediterrenean salad! In charge of group sales and anything else that falls in his lap!

Zoran Milovanovic
Vice President Corporate Sales

2005: Another Zoran, our Corporate VP for Renaissance Travel! Another WOW- what a decade a difference makes! Zoran came to us 10 years ago to paint our office that's right, he was working for a contractor and came to paint or new offices! We talked and hired him and soon enough he was issuing tickets like a pro! Today he is a graduate of SQL programming, he is a master of all 3 major ticket systems (Sabre, Galileo and Amadeus) and is also a proud father of 3 kids Danilo (4), Sofia (2) and Peter (2 months). If there is anything about air tariffs anyone needs if Zoran cannot do it then its impossible!

1995: Zoki handles air only requests for Renaissance Travel (our air consolidator division) and is in charge of special interest programs. His most recent endeavor features religious tours for Orthodox Christians to Russia, Serbia, Romania & Bulgaria. Fluent in English and Serbian he is the 'calm" presence in an otherwise totally chaotic environment!

Sladjana "Dana" Saldic
Ticketing Manager

2005: The last entry about this wonderful, happy go lucky gal, stated she is 22 years old but already the fastest Sabre agent in the West. Well, since then, we first lost her to Sanel, her boyfriend and now husband who dared to take her away from us! Then she came back but we lost her again to her first born - a 2 year old daughter, Mia, with a smile to kill for! And now that she is back she is expecting a second child in August so we will lose her again but only temporarily because we know Dana loves us and cannot live without us! And we absolutely love her good nature and fun loving spirit! You go Girl!

1995: This cutie is only 22 but already the fastest Sabre agent in the west! Handles all airline requests, Temperamental and vivacious, she has a great sense of humor and the cutest dimple when she smiles! Young as she may be (sorry guys) she is spoken for! Speaks Englsih, Serbian and Bosnian?and can swear in many other languages as we have all found out!

Vinh Luu

2005: Heay Vinh! This kid is amazing! He arrived to the US 10 years ago as a 14 year old boat child, a refugee, of Vietnam! He immediately went on to school to learn English, math, computers and accounting and graduated at 21! He applied for his first job with us as our accountant (2000) and since then has not only become our CFO but has written our computer reservation program all by himself, has married his high school sweetheart, has brought over his mom and dad and WOW has started his own consulting company all under the age of 25! Watch out for this young man a Legend is in the making!

2000: Vinh is our master accountant! Just recently graduated in business management and accounting, Vinh is brilliant with all types of accounting methods and software! Handles all of our payables and receivables, tax payments invoicing and dabbles in computer programming when we need it! Getting married in September to his childhood sweetheart. We wish him a happy and growing family soon! Speaks English and Viatnamese but picking up on Serbian as well!

Biljana Martinovic
Front Office Manager

2005: Oh sacred way another returnee! "Billy" came to us as a summer student some XX years ago - and went back to finish school, but guess what, when she did she came right back to the source our company! Billy is now Front Office Manager for Renaissance Travel and with smiling face and effusive personality there is nothing that she cannot do, especially some awesome tasting desserts and cakes!

Deep (Fried) Dhir
Retail & Corporate Client Relations

2005: He came to us from the hotel industry and as our lone Indian (born in London but of Indian decent) we are absolutely delighted to have Deep as a member of our staff! In charge of Retail and Corporate Client Relations for Renaissance, Deep is fabulous! With a typically dry British humor he delights us with his daily banter and equally amazes all of our Travel Partners with his vast all around knowledge of travel and life in general! Sophisticated and all knowing. If you need an information aboard Deep is our Encyclopedia!

Mirajana Rodic (Toplak):

Ah what can we say about this vivacious, lovely gal! As a superb guide and travel professional, she helped start up the company with Jim and Samo…then she made the “mistake” of marrying the “boss” – and quickly decided one stressed out travel professional in the family was enough! So she went back to school and earned her BA as a graphic designer. Today, she will frequently visit us and assist Scott in producing some of our brochures, flyers and marketing material. 

"Jesse" JASENKA GUSIC: Administrative Assistant

Since Dana was so cute but spoken for…what other choice did we have but to bring in her younger little sister into the fold! FIRST NAME is still a student but is our full time summer helper! She handles the phones, the mail and all the ugly paperwork that no one else wants to do! Great kid – and although we’ll lose her back to school in September – we’ll keep an empty chair for her next spring for sure! Yes she is single guys, but sorry, too young to date!

SIMONE FOERSCH: Operations Manager

Our “wundebar frauline’ hails from Germany! After 9 years of working on various river cruise ships in Europe as a guide and Cruise Director she decided to move to California and become a surfer babe! So we were lucky to grab her because she is the most consienteous and precise little thing this side of a Rolex! Which is why she handles all of our operations stuff including overseas reservations, relations with suppliers, documentation and cabin assignements – yep, she is our “Queen of Cabins”…so all of you people booking our trips better be nice to her! Speaks Englsih, German and French…is single and NOT looking! (sorry Jake)


When her brother Alex (see below) went back to Yugoslavia to marry his sweetheart, we "kidnapped" his younger (and better looking) sister to fill the void and she adjusted marvelously. She could do anything Alex could do, including lifting heavy boxes, but she was faster and "wined" less. We cried our hearts out when she went back home to marry her sweetheart. Today she is a proud mama of Bogdan living in Belgrade.

P.S. Ha ha ha! Alex, eat your heart out! We couldn't resist from instigating another brother sister war.

ALEX RODIC: Reservations/Documents

Alex is our newest addition! Started in February as a trainee – after only 6 months he is already an “old timer”. First on the phones, in addition to Reservations he handles documentation and especially all visa requests as well as mailing, brochure fullfilement, heavy lifting, dumping the garbage and you name it – he does it! Speaks English and Serbian – and makes a great sandwich too!

2005 Update: living in Belgrade and proud father of son Mihajlo, lovingly refered to as David (hi hi hi)

LJILJANA ‘LILLY” JOKIC: Air Reservations

Started with us as an administrative assistant but went back to school, extra training and now is our full fledged air reservationist as well as our office “mother hen”! Speaks English, Serbian and fluent Russian she is a bundle of nerves and energy – as well as our “Dear Abbey” when advice is needed – and when its not! A joke a day is Lilly’s way!

DARKO GAJICH: Air Reservations

Having lost Dule (see above) we had to find a replacement…and what a find! Darko comes to us also with a Yugoslavian background…speaks several languages… is a whizz a Sabre and ticketing….is quieter than Dule .actually does more work with his hands than his mouth….aaaand…is far better looking!( hahaha your heart out!) Girls…don’t you agree? …oh…yes…pssssstttt….he is still single…

ANETTE MAUCK: Reservations

After two years with us, our Swedish connection recently decided to move back to Sweden with her family - TRAITOR! On the serious side, Anette was the first bubbly voice on the phones... we will all miss her vivacious personality, great sense of humor and ....good looks (the guys are still weeping...). On the good side, you will still see Anette working for us in Scandinavia and as a Cruise Director on our ships... so all hope is not lost! Fluent in English and Swedish.

STEVEN BANG: Computer Development & Technology

Steven is our resident computer virtuoso! He wrote and co-developed our own reservation system, networking and maintains our computers and data base. He is currently working part time while pursuing a law degree on top of his computer programming degree! A future Bill Gates for sure... Fluent in English, Korean and Serbian... (yeah, right...)


Affectionately known as "little Jim" because of her calm and quiet nature Jelena handles all of the "dirty work" - from supplier reservations to documentation to mailings - you name it and she does it! She is also our resident "computer geek" handling the web and emails - an all around "girl Friday" - every office should be so lucky to have one! Now that Anette (the "traitor") is gone, you'll be hearing a lot more of her on the phones. Fluent in English and Serbian.

ALLA BORZAKOVA: Accounting/Visa Handling

Although at 21 the youngest member of our staff, Alla is in charge of all of our corporate accounting, invoicing, payables, recievables and also handles all Visa requests for our customers. Cute and fun loving at first glance - watch out! - she is a pit bull when it comes to watching the purse strings! Fluent in Russian, Ukrainian and of course English this multitalented, belly dancing ball of energy is likely to be seen on one of our Ukrainian River Cruises in the very near future...

HELEN GUO: Cruise Director

Helen is our Chinese "angel" - at least that's what the tons of complimentary letters from our Yangtze passengers call her! Based in Beijing she is our Senior Cruise and Tour Director for our China programs. While she spends most of the year march through November hopping from one tour to another in China, we love to bring her over during the off months of November through February…not only because of her smile and Chinese expertise mind you…but she makes the absolute best egg rolls you have ever tasted (among other Chinese delights!)…hmmm…all this food talk…must be lunch time…signing off!

Special Mention:
Sveta Mirjana Maya Hai Nina Dejan Tea