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Ukraine River Cruises

Like all of the other states of the former Soviet Union, Ukraine became an independent country in 1991. However, unlike neighboring Russia, Western style reforms were slow to follow as the country was ruled by members of the former Communist elite. At the end of 2004, after a highly contested presidential election resulted in thousands of Ukrainians protesting in the streets in what was  dubbed the “Orange Revolution”, the pro-western candidate was declared a winner and became the new, democratically elected President of Ukraine.

Although little time has passed since this historical event and the new reformists are still “finding their way”, the country itself is relishing its new found independence and national identity! Long in the shadow of its larger neighbor, Russia, few western people knew much about Ukraine, even though it is geographically located completely within the European continent and is home to almost 50 million people! This is changing rapidly, and we are delighted, in our small way, to be a part of this “new introduction” of Ukraine to the world!

What does Ukraine have to offer to the world? In a nutshell – everything! From a thousand years of history to gorgeous cities such as the capital of Kiev, the vibrant and energetic city of Odessa to the historically significant and popular Black Sea resort of Yalta – Ukraine has something for everyone! Add to that the wide Dnieper Delta with lesser known cities such as Kanev, home to Ukraine’s favorite son, the poet and artist Taras Shevchenko, and Zaporozhye, home to the feared Cossack warriors – Ukraine is a melting pot of the old and the new, the ancient and the modern – a country that is sure to grow in popularity in the years to come!

We are proud to say, that after our success with river cruises in Russia, we were one of the first US companies to offer sailings along the Dnieper in 1995!  Now as we celebrate our 15th year in Ukraine, we are absolutely delighted that more and more people, including many of our past Russian river cruise passengers, are discovering this wonderful country! But even though Ukraine is different than Russia in many ways – both geographically and historically – some good things such as our approach to offering the absolute best, all inclusive, cultural and entertaining programs found anywhere – are applied here as well!

This year we are pleased to have two ships in our fleet – with all the cabins having a view (either portholes on the lowest deck or windows on all higher decks).  Passengers also have two choices of itinerary: our standard Dnieper River voyage from Kiev to Odessa (or in the opposite direction if you wish) or the expanded “4 Country Black Sea Cruise” that includes Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, and Istanbul, Turkey.  Which ever you chose, we have made every attempt to provide our passengers with a truly grand Ukraine experience! Value added features include such experiences as “Ukraine National Day” with Ukrainian cuisine, wine, and music.  Add to that a generous mix of sightseeing, folklore, entertainment, and one of the best teams of Cruise Directors and guides this area has to offer.  We are excited about the “new” Ukraine – and look forward to sharing an unforgettable cruise experience with you!