Volga River Cruises

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A Cruise along Russia’s Great River – the Volga

To assess how truly vast Russia is, nothing can be more suitable than a cruise on one of her great rivers: the Volga. The Volga River gives you a clear insight at the immensity of Russia. Value Cruises offers 2 different Volga River Cruises that will provide you with the opportunity to visit the two beacon cities of Russia; Moscow (the Russian capital city), and St Petersburg (the imperial city of Peter the Great). On the original tribal slave routes you will discover the riches of the Golden Ring. Take Volga upstream, from Moscow all the way to the final stop in St. Petersburgh. You will be able to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere while experiencing a complete and fascinating view of the historic and religious foundations of what was once the largest empire in the world. Russian culture apart, you will also learn something about the daily lives of the people that live along the Volga River, with so many contrasts between the towns and countryside, the luxurious palaces and small traditional communities; the Volga River cruises offered by Value Cruises are second to none. Take a look at both the Russian Waterway Cruise or the shorter Little Tour of Russia; both of which are along the famed Volga River.

A Volga River Cruise can offer: luxury, comfort, charm, and history all rolled up into one. A river cruise on the Volga is well worth every penny! Volga River Cruises from Value Cruises feature an all-inclusive trip that starts in Moscow and continues to St. Petersburg. Along the way your will example of Czarist Russia and also the modern Russia that is now beginning to show itself to the World. Take your vacation during the off season and you can enjoy a really cheap price on a Volga River Cruise! This beautiful river cruise begins where the Volga River meets Moscow; a city rich heritage and culture. Along the Volga River Cruise, you will see Red Square, the Pushkin Museum, and the Basilica of Basil. Feel free to take our land excursions to see the center of Moscow city including: the Theatre Square, the Bolshoi and the old neighborhoods that make a trip along the Volga River unique. St. Petersburgh features St. Isaac Cathedral, Palace Square, and more. Along your Volga River journey there is a lot more history and culture to see.

About the Volga River

Russia grew up at the crossroads of the East and West and is the embodiment of both the duality and the synthesis of these two different worlds, and one trip down the Volga River will expose you to the diverse culture. This diversity can be clearly seen everywhere you look. From the very different populations of people along the Volga River, to the design of the buildings, and even the types of food; Russia has many unique traits that make it a wonderful country. And the history or Russia is exemplified in its two main centers of civilization: Moscow and St Petersburg; both of which can be seen on our Volga River Cruise. Caught between Europe, the Great North, Siberia and the huge Oriental Steppes, Russia has managed to maintain its tradition as a nation at the turning point at the heart of Eurasia. From the Volga River we still get the impression that the country is full of cultural, intellectual, and human wealth. Russia is also renowned for the great dignity of its profoundly honest men and women. And now is a great time to take a Russian River cruise along the famed Volga River. St. Petersburg is known as the city of palace and is known across Europe as the “Venice of the North” due to its beauty and grandeur. Moscow is the guardian of the old national values of Russia. It has allowed itself though, to become a model of modernity in recent years. Moscow can best be described as a mix between Byzantium and New York all rolled into one! Moscow is renowned as “Eternal Russia and is full of surprises, strong images, and colors. Moscow still deserves its reputation gained from the books we read as children. As for the architecture of Moscow; it is a place where fairy tales meet reality. Much of it forms a rich harmonious whole with the landscape of plains, forests, lakes and waterways; with villages from a bygone era.