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Russian River Cruises

Russia .... 150 million people.... the largest country in the world, spanning 11 time zones. Over a thousand years of history.... intrigue.... culture.... mystery. The name itself conjures up images of Tzarist riches.... literature.... music.... the first man in space. The visions of vast squares, ornate palaces, freezing tundras.... the somber and stoic people who suffered so much through the years... poverty, plague, serfdom. And wars, many wars, from Napoleon to WWII where over 20 million Russians lost their lives in defending their country. Russia... always coveted... never conquered!

Russia...a name that for centuries inspired fear, curiosity and awe, opened its arms to the world in 1991. Since then, millions of foreign visitors have poured into the main cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg to explore and marvel at the wonders each beholds. Moscow's Red Square with the unique onion domes of St. Basil's Cathedral hovering over it at one end. The magnificent walls of the Kremlin encompassing the fabulous Armory Museum, the largest cast iron bell in the world and century old cathedrals as well as the modern day seat of the country's government

St. Petersburg, Peter the Great's "window to the west", celebrates more than 300 years of existence. Lying on the edge of the Baltic Sea, on the river Neva and built over 42 islands and canals, it is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Home to one of the largest concentrations of man made attractions worldwide, it is only here that you can see Peter Paul's Fortress, Transfiguration Church, St. Isaac's Cathedral and the extravagant Palaces; Pavlovsk, Catherine's Palace, Peterhof with its famous fountains and the gargantuan Winter Palace, home to the largest and wealthiest museum in the world: the Hermitage.

Most of all, however, Russia is its people. From the elderly babushkas who will welcome you with a free flower at a street corner, to the modern youth you will meet on the street, it is the people of Russia who will impress you with their hospitality, their kindness, their humor, intelligence, curiosity and their "dusha" - or "soul".

But Russia is not only Moscow and St. Petersburg. To truly get to know a country you must get off the beaten path. Russia is also Goritzy, a typical peasant village along the banks of the Volga where you will visit a home and "break bread" with a local family. Russia is Yaroslavl, the stronghold of ancient Russia where the old frescoes are equally revered as are the Orthodox hymns performed by one of Russia's best known church choirs. Russia is Kizhi, the unique island museum, home to the magnificent Transfiguration Cathedral whose 22 wooden cupolas were built over a hundred years ago - without the use of a single nail!

The best way to see all of this in the short span of a vacation is to take a river cruise. It will introduce you to the major cities as well as the intimate "real" Russia that cannot be seen in any other way. We pride ourselves in offering you the most unique Russian experience available! From our Russian guides and staff (trained to cater to Westerners), to our Russian themed dinners, language lessons, lectures, caviar and champagne parties, to our unique on board entertainment team that includes classical musicians, superb folklore performers, pianists and entertainers, we promise to give you a true sense of Russia for the best value money can buy!

Our company philosophy is to immerse our travelers into the culture of the countries and destinations they are visiting. Our accent is on education and entertainment, which is why we employ the best team of cruise directors, guides, lecturers and entertainers anywhere! Experienced, charming and delightful, they will educate you, entertain you and take care of your every need. They are the ones that provide that special "value" added care that make our cruises so popular!

Our first class MS "Konstantin Korotlov" offers the classic level of comfort expected of larger floating hotels - comfortable twin and single cabins, a one sitting dining experience and a choice of three public areas where you can relax after a day of sightseeing. The ship offers in-depth cultural and entertainment programs as well as the superb services of our specially trained crews and on board team of entertainers and cruise directors!

As for your meals, we think you will be pleasantly surprised! While our menus are set and we do not offer a la carte dining or midnight lobster snacks, we do have full self service breakfast buffets, early morning coffee, 3 course lunches and 4 course dinners with a choice of main dishes and special highlights such as riverside barbecues, champagne and caviar tasting, piroshki and tea parties, Russian theme dinners and much more!

What we most pride ourselves in is the quality of our on board entertainment! Following our mantra to give you a truly original Russian experience, we are the only cruise operator that employ a full on board team of professional musicians and artists to entertain you during the sailing! They include a folklore group, the violinist extraordinaire Mr. Boris Gamus, the wonderful pianist Mr. Alexander Kolesnikov, and our live band which will entertain you with dance music each evening in the bar!

Along with the violin/piano concerts and folklore performances, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy other on board Russian style activities arranged by our cruise directors including; Russian champagne and caviar tasting, Russian language lessons, lectures on modern Russian life, bingo, talent shows and much more (subject to passenger participation). And if that is not enough, optional shore activities such as a ballet or a circus performance will be offered during your sailing!

We truly believe that we offer the absolute Best Value for Money in Russia a! Please feel free to compare, dollar for dollar, all of the features included in our cruise programs with those of any of our competitors! We believe we are second to none and look forward to the pleasure of your company!